Ethereum 2.0 Developers To Launch Zinken Testnet After Misfire With Spadina

Ethereum developers will launch a new final testnet, Zinken, before moving to phase zero for ETH2 on the mainnet. In it, they will take into account the errors found in the Spadin network.

The Spadina testnet, launched on September 29, did not become a “dress rehearsal” for the Ethereum 2.0 genesis block. On the same day, the lead developer of the Ethereum 2.0 project, Danny Ryan, said that due to problems with configuration, boot nodes, and calculations, Testnet clients faced delays in finalization.

To improve the chances of Zinken being more successful, the team released a description and resolution of the bugs found in Spadina. The main reason was the incorrect support of the testnet by the latest version of the Prysm client. As ConsenSysCodefi product strategist Colin Myers admits, “There is no better way to learn than from your own mistakes.”

Like Spadina, Zinken will allow the network rollout and deposit contract processes to be re-run. The network will operate in parallel with the existing Medalla testnet. After three days, the developers will stop supporting it.

Validators have already contributed the minimum 32,768 test ETH to launch.

Key facts about Zinken:

  • The developers have launched a training portal for the new testnet.
  • Deposits are possible until October 8, 12:00 UTC.
  • The genesis block is expected to form on October 12 at 12:00 UTC.

As a reminder, the developers launched the final Medalla testnet on August 4. Ten days later, there was an outage that Prysmatic Labs developer Raoul Jordan described as a good lesson “to prevent this from happening on the mainnet.”

In September, developer Evan Van Ness said that the bill before the launch of Ethereum 2.0 “runs for weeks.”

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